Papers presented

July 2015: Police Practices in Uganda: Between Ordering, State Security and Professionalization. Presented at 6th European Conference on African Studies (EACS), Paris 1 & Sorbonne University—Paris, France (8th to 10th July 2015).

November 2014: Between Militarization and Improved Security Governance in Kampala City, Uganda. Presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association—Indianapolis, USA (20th to 23rd November 2014).

October 2014:  Drunk-Driving Operation Devices in Uganda: A New Technology and Challenge on the Police-Citizens Interaction Platform. Presented at the Second Biennial SPP Conference—Dakar, Senegal (1st to 4th October 2014). 

September 2014: Main Speaker at the Erinayo Wilson Oryema Memorial Public Lecture, organized by Uganda Police Force during Police’s centenary celebrations week. Lecture title: From Colonial Policing to Community Policing: A century of Challenges, Achievements and Transformation.

July 2014: For Whom Do the Police Work?: The Ugandan Police Between Militarization and Everyday Duties. Presented at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science—International Political Science Association (IPSA) meeting—Montreal, Canada (19th to 24th July 2014).

April 2013: Security Counterweights: A Power Maximizing Socio-Political Strategy in Uganda. Presented at the 38th New York African Studies Association (NYASA) at Binghamton University—New York, USA (5th to 6th April 2013).

May 2012: Politico-Military Fusion in the Post-1986 Uganda. Presented at the International Journal of Arts and Science, held at Harvard University, USA (26th to 31st May 2012).

October 2011: Political Culture, Ethics and State Security Considerations in Uganda. Presented at the Workshop on Ethics and Governance in Africa, held at Bayreuth University (25th to 26th October 2011).  

May 2011: Militarization, the State and Society in Uganda since 1986. Presented at the International Journal of Arts and Science Conference held at Harvard University, USA (29th May to 2nd June 2011).