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We publish the results of our research in different formats, including monographs, contributions to academic journals and to edited volumes as well as through numerous academic lectures on national and international conferences. Tentative findings of our research are published in our own working paper series. Beyond the academic community, we summarize major findings for the general public in contributions to quality newspapers and also in radio and TV-interviews, as well as through numerous public lectures for NGOs, associations, parties and church organizations.

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Hollendung, Anna, 2018: O sposobie usunięcia przez Jürgena Habermasa napięcia pomiędzy prawami człowieka a suwerennością ludu, in: Andrzej M. Kaniowski, Ewa Wyrębska, Tomasz Michałowski (Ed.), Praworządność:. Kant-Hegel-Habermas, Lodz: Lodz University Press (Wydawnictwo UŁ), (Forthcoming)

Hollendung, Anna, 2018: Alain Badiou, in: Dagmar Comtesse, Oliver Flügel-Martinsen, Franziska Martinsen und Martin Nonhoff (Ed.), Handbuch Radikale Demokratietheorie, Berlin: Suhrkamp, (Forthcoming)

Franke, Ulrich; Hellmann, Gunther, 2018: American Pragmatism in Foreign Policy Analysis, in: Cameron Thies (Ed.), The Oxford Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis, Vol. 1, New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 14 - 32, doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780190228637.013.356, Link (Date: 20.12.2017)

Franke, Ulrich; Roos, Ulrich, 2018: Rekonstruktiv‐interpretative Designs, in: Claudius Wagemann; Achim Goerres; Markus Siewert (Ed.), Handbuch Methoden der Politikwissenschaft, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, Link (Date: 14.06.2018)

Franke, Ulrich, 2018: The United Nations and Regional Security Organizations in Africa, Europe and the North-Atlantic Region, in: Stephen Aris; Aglaya Snetkov; Andreas Wenger (Ed.), Inter-Organisational Relations in International Security: Cooperation and Competition, New York: Routledge, (Forthcoming)

Hohberger, Wiebke; Karadag, Roy; Müller, Katharina; Ramm, Christoph (Ed.), 2018: Grenzräume, Grenzgänge, Entgrenzungen. Junge Perspektiven der Türkeiforschung, Wiesbaden: Springer VS

Schlichte, Klaus, 2018: A Historical Sociological Perspective on Statehood, in: Risse, Thomas; Börzel, Tanja; Draude, Anke (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Governance and Limited Statehood, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 49 - 68, (Forthcoming)

Münch, Philipp; Veit, Alex, 2018: Intermediaries of Intervention: How Local Power Brokers Shape External Peace- and State-Building in Afghanistan and Congo, in: International Peacekeeping, 25 (2), pp. 266 - 292,, 07.12.2017, Link (Date: 12.07.2018)

Schmidt, Susanne K., 2018: The European Court of Justice and the Policy Process The Shadow of Case Law, Oxford: Oxford University Press, Link (Date: 25.01.2018)