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We publish the results of our research in different formats, including monographs, contributions to academic journals and to edited volumes as well as through numerous academic lectures on national and international conferences. Tentative findings of our research are published in our own working paper series. Beyond the academic community, we summarize major findings for the general public in contributions to quality newspapers and also in radio and TV-interviews, as well as through numerous public lectures for NGOs, associations, parties and church organizations.

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Mayer, Sebastian, 2021: Kazakhstan’s OSCE Connectivity Ambitions: Trade Promotion and Norm Resistance, in: Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg / IFSH (Ed.), OSCE Insights 2020. Corona, War, Leadership Crisis, Baden-Baden: Nomos, (Forthcoming), Link (Date: 31.10.2020)

Touquet, Heleen; Chynoweth, Sarah; Martin, Sarah; Reis, Chen; Myrttinen, Henri; Schulz, Philipp; Turner, Lewis; Duriesmith, David, 2021: From ‘It rarely happens’ to ‘It’s worse for men’: Dispelling misconceptions about sexual violence against men and boys in conflict and displacement, in: Journal of Humanitarian Affairs, (Forthcoming)

Schulz, Philipp; Hamber, Brandon; Touquet, Heleen (Ed.), 2021: Masculinities and Queer Perspectives in Transitional Justice, Cambridge : Intersentia, (Forthcoming)

Thyen, Kressen; Karadag, Roy, 2021: Between Affordable Welfare and Affordable Food: Internationalized Food Subsidy Reforms in Egypt and Tunisia, in: Social Policy & Administration,, Link (Date: 11.02.2021)

Möller, Sebastian; Gentes, Timo; Gohlke, Moritz; Jathe, Jan; Jung, Franziska; Kenanidou, Katherina; Orlando, Luca, 2021: Schlüssel zur Welt: Die bremischen Häfen in der Globalen Politischen Ökonomie, Institut für Politikwissenschaft (Ed.), IPW Working Paper 1/2021, Bremen: Universität Bremen, Link (Date: 21.01.2021)

Schmidt, Susanne K., 2021: §2 Freizügigkeit der Unionsbürger – politikwissenschaftliche Betrachtung. In: "Europäischer Freizügigkeitsraum – Unionsbürgerschaft und Migrationsrecht", in: Ferdinand Wollenschläger (Ed.), Enzyklopädie Europarecht , 10, Baden-Baden: Nomos, pp. 77 - 105

Boin, Arjen; Schmidt, Susanne K., 2021: Guardian of European Integration. The European Court of Justice, in: Boin, Arjen/Fahy, Lauren/t'Hart, Paul (Ed.), Guardians of Public Value: How Public Organisations Become and Remain Institutions, Palgave: Springer, pp. 135 - 159, Link (Date: 09.02.2021)

Hensell, Stephan; Schlichte, Klaus, 2021: The Historical Mapping of Armed Groups' Recognition, in: Geis, Anna/Clément, Maéva/Pfeifer, Hanna (Ed.), Armed Non-state Actors and the Politics of Recognition, Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 30 - 46, (Forthcoming)

Martens, Kerstin; Niemann, Dennis; Kaasch, Alexandra (Ed.), 2021: International Organizations in Global Social Governance, London: Palgrave Macmillan, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-65439-9, Link (Date: 05.03.2021)

Schlichte, Klaus; Biecker, Sarah (Ed.), 2020: The Political Anthropology of Internationalized Politics, Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield International, Link (Date: 04.03.2021)