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Between Populism and Radical Democracy, between Party and Movement: On the Discursive Afterlife of the Movements of the Squares
Research Team: Martin Nonhoff (Head of project); Seongcheol Kim (Head of project); Lazaros Karavasilis

CRC 1342 (Subproject A05): The Global Development of Coverage and Generosity in Public Education
Research Team: Kerstin Martens (Head of project); Michael Windzio (Head of project); David Krogmann; Dennis Niemann; Fabian Besche-Truthe; Helen Seitzer

CRC 1342 (Subproject B12): Crisis Management in the Covid-19 Pandemic by International Organisations
Research Team: Kerstin Martens (Head of project); Alexandra Kaasch; Monika Ewa Kaminska

The politics of legitimacy of armed groups
Research Team: Stephan Hensell (Head of project); Ahmed Elsayed; Klaus Schlichte

Rebalancing the Enlarged Single Market (RESiM)
Research Team: Michael Blauberger (Head of project); Susanne K. Schmidt (Head of project); Anita Heindlmaier; Christina Grabbe; Josephine Assmus

Figurations of Internationalized Rule in Africa
Research Team: Jude Kagoro (Head of project); Julian Friesinger; Klaus Schlichte