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Figurations of Internationalized Rule in Africa
Research Team: Jude Kagoro (Head of project); Julian Friesinger; Klaus Schlichte

CRC 1342: Open welfare states? Social protection of labour migration and its repercussions for national policies (Project B04)
Research Team: Susanne K. Schmidt (Head of project); Jakob Henninger; Svenja Gödecke

Transnational Welfare: The rise, decay and renaissance of social policy in Africa
Research Team: Alex Veit (Head of project); Klaus Schlichte (Head of project); Alex Nadège Ouedraogo; Kressen Thyen; Roy Karadag

Transnationalization and the judicialization of welfare
Research Team: Susanne K. Schmidt (Head of project); Angelika Schenk; Benjamin Werner

Transnational Political Ordering in Global Finance
Research Team: Sebastian Botzem (Head of project); Marcus Wolf; Natalia Besedovsky; Sebastian Möller

The Institutionalization of Prevention and Intervention: Towards a Theoretical Framework
Research Team: Peter Mayer (Head of project); Sebastian Mayer; Ulrich Franke