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At InIIS, we examine the dynamics of cooperation and conflict in world society. Our research is organized in research projects that fall into four thematic fields. Besides research on Institutions of Global Governance and on Conflicts in World Society project groups work, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, on questions related to Democracy and Justice at a Global Scale as well as on the Theory and Practice of the Political. Current projects are funded, among others, by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Volkswagen Foundation, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Bertelsmann Foundation.

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Between Populism and Radical Democracy, between Party and Movement: On the Discursive Afterlife of the Movements of the Squares
Research Team: Martin Nonhoff (Head of project); Seongcheol Kim (Head of project); Lazaros Karavasilis

CRC 1342 (Subproject A05): The Global Development of Coverage and Generosity in Public Education
Research Team: Kerstin Martens (Head of project); Michael Windzio (Head of project); David Krogmann; Dennis Niemann; Fabian Besche-Truthe; Helen Seitzer

CRC 1342 (Subproject B12): Crisis Management in the Covid-19 Pandemic by International Organisations
Research Team: Kerstin Martens (Head of project); Alexandra Kaasch; Monika Ewa Kaminska

The politics of legitimacy of armed groups
Research Team: Stephan Hensell (Head of project); Ahmed Elsayed; Klaus Schlichte

Rebalancing the Enlarged Single Market (RESiM)
Research Team: Michael Blauberger (Head of project); Susanne K. Schmidt (Head of project); Anita Heindlmaier; Christina Grabbe; Josephine Assmus

Figurations of Internationalized Rule in Africa
Research Team: Jude Kagoro (Head of project); Julian Friesinger; Klaus Schlichte