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Dobbins, Michael; Niemann, Dennis; Martens, Kerstin, 2018: Explaining policy convergence and polity divergence in federal systems: German and Swiss higher education revisited, in: Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 48 (4), doi:10.1093/publius/pjy005

Niemann, Dennis; Martens, Kerstin, 2018: Soft governance by hard fact? The OECD as a knowledge broker in education policy, in: Global Social Policy, pp. 1 - 17, doi:10.1177/1468018118794076, 23.08.2018

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Niemann, Dennis; Martens, Kerstin, 2017: Spreading Knowledge and Evidence: The OECD as a Knowledge Brokers and Norm Entrepreneurs in International Education Policy/2017, International Studies Association, Download PDF, Link (Date: 22.05.2017)

Niemann, Dennis; Dobbins, Michael; Martens, Kerstin, 2017: Zentralisierung und Dezentralisierung der Hochschulpolitik in Deutschland und der Schweiz, in: Josef Schmid, Karin Amos, Josef Schrader, Ansgar Thiel (Ed.), Governance und Interdependenz von Bildung. Internationale Studien und Vergleiche, Baden-Baden: Nomos, pp. 197 - 225

Martens, Kerstin; Niemann, Dennis; Teltemann, Janna, 2016: Effects of International Assessments in Education – A Multidisciplinary Review, in: European Educational Research Journal, 2016/15 (5), pp. 516 - 522

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Niemann, Dennis; Martens, Kerstin, 2015: Monitoring standards of education worldwide: PISA and its consequences, in: Hayden, Mary, Jeff Thompson & Jack Levy (Ed.), The SAGE Handbook of Research in International Education, London: Sage, pp. 488 - 497

Bieber, Tonia; Martens, Kerstin; Niemann, Dennis; Teltemann, Janna, 2015: Towards a Global Model in Education? Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Student Assessments and their Impact on Policies and Institutions, in: Hamilton, Mary, Bryan Maddox & Camilla Addey (Ed.), Literacy as Numbers. Researching the Politics and Practices of International Literacy Assessment Regimes, Cambridge University Press, pp. 165 - 186