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Göldner-Ebenthal, Karin; Elsayed, Ahmed, 2019: Salafi jihadi armed groups and conflict (de-)escalation: The case of Ahrar al-Sham in Syria/2019, Berghof Foundation , Download PDF, Link (Date: 12.02.2021)

Elsayed, Ahmed, 2018: Egypt’s Social Welfare: A Lifeline for the People or the Ruling Regime?, in: E-International Relations, 23.07.2018, Link (Date: 08.03.2021)

Elsayed, Ahmed, 2015: The Dilemma of Middle Eastern Democracy, in: E-International Relations, 04.10.2015, Link (Date: 08.03.2021)

Elsayed, Ahmed, 2015: The Eclipse of Pan-Arab Nationalism, in: E-International Relations, 25.05.2015, Link (Date: 08.03.2021)