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Dr. Gundula Ludwig in Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Click here for the interview with Gundula Ludwig and Martin Voss on Deutschlandradio Kultur (45 min, German).

More contributions by InIIS scientists on the corona crisis:

Klaus Schlichte: Clichéd view of Africa, Deutschlandfunk. (10 min, German)

Gundula Ludwig, Philipp Schulz and Nadine Rose: "Politics of life in times of the Covid-19 pandemic". A digital exhibition project

Dr. Gundula Ludwig: "State". Critical Theory in the Pandemic - A Glossary on the Corona Crisis, Frankfurt Working Group for Political Theory and Philosophy, Video (30 min, German)



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The 25-year InIIS celebrations and the Senghaas Lecture will take place only next year

With the Corona crisis, many adjustments will be necessary. The planned anniversary events will not be spared. Not until next year will we be able to host a symposium on "The Global Social Question and World Governance in the 21st Century" to mark the 25th anniversary of our Institute. The Senghaas Lecture, whose eponym is to be congratulated this year on its 80th birthday, will also be postponed due to the circumstances known in the meantime.


Prof. Dr. Klaus SchlichteProf. Dr. Klaus Schlichte
Prof. Klaus Schlichte in a DLF interview on Corona in Africa

The interview is available here (in German).

Please also note the interview with the University of Innsbruck.

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New project by Gundula Ludwig, Philipp Schulz and Nadine Rose

Within the framework of the special call for proposals 'Corona Crisis and the Humanities' of the research platform World of Contradictions (WoC) at the University of Bremen, Dr. Gundula Ludwig, Dr. Philipp Schulz and Prof. Nadine Rose from the Faculty 12 - Pedagogy and Educational Sciences - have received funding for the implementation of a new project. The project, starting on June 1, 2020, aims to create a virtual exhibition entitled 'Politics of Life in Times of the Covid 19 Pandemic', in close cooperation with students from seminars from Political Science as well as Pedagogy and Educational Sciences.

The project is based on the premise that the current "corona crisis" is a comprehensive social crisis in which already existing political, economic and social contradictions are condensed. It is therefore the task of the humanities and social sciences to show the extent to which current political measures on the "corona crisis" generate contradictory effects and consolidate already existing structures of inequality and mechanisms of discrimination.

The aim of the project is to create a digital exhibition entitled "Policies of Life in Times of the Covid 19 Pandemic" that presents these contradictions and debates in a sustainable and creative way. The exhibition is to be conceived along various focal points, to each of which a thematic exhibition space will be dedicated. The contents of the exhibition in different formats - text, audio and video - will be developed in close cooperation with students from seminars held by the three project leaders and supplemented by contributions from civil society actors.

The virtual exhibition is scheduled to open at the beginning of the winter semester 2020/2021.


Map: UK is drifting awayMap: UK is drifting away
Susanne Schmidt in the LSE-Blog about the Brexit

In an article on the blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Prof. Susanne K. Schmidt analyses the reasons for the Brexit. The principle of "Taking Back Control" was convincing to the British population because the institutional design of the EU differs in core points from the British understanding of politics. You can find the article here.