Poster for the ITJP-EventPoster for the ITJP-Event
Panel Discussion with Philipp Schulz, Yasmin Sooka and Heleen Touquet

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This is a broad discussion on best practice in documenting cases of male sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict settings, drawing on experiences in Sri Lanka, South Sudan, the former Yugoslavia and Northern Uganda. 



  • Yasmin Sooka

Executive Director, Foundation for Human Rights,
South Africa and International Truth and Justice
Project - Sri Lanka (ITJP).

  • Dr. Heleen Touquet

Researcher and professor at the faculty of
Social Sciences, University of Leuven (Belgium).
She is the author ITJP’s new report on male
sexual violence.

  • Dr. Philipp Schulz

Post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS) University of Bremen, Germany.

The ITJP will be releasing “Unsilenced” - a new
report that analyses 121 recent male sexual
violence cases it documented from Sri Lanka,
drawing lessons for addressing stigma, denial and
the silencing of victims.

Roy Karadag gives a Public talk on Sept., 17th

The fact that, in view of the recent political dynamics, it is no longer possible to speak of an existing Turkish democracy is no longer a controversial statement. However, it is unclear why no democratic forces could be mobilized against the new Turkish autocracy. This article answers this question with reference to more recent democratic theoretical findings. These include the importance of factors such as religion, history, civil society and violence and ultimately contribute to very negative assessments of the quality of Turkish political institutions.

Roy Karadag has been working on the developments in Turkey for a long time. A selection of his radio and newspaper contributions can be found here.

The event takes place within the framework of the  Maritime Woche an der Weser statt.