The InIIS-BIGSSS-Colloquium brings together researchers from InIIS, doctoral and post-doctoral fellows from BIGSSS field A, and other people interested in its topics. It offers an opportunity to present and discuss current research in the areas of International Relations, Political Theory, and European Studies.

There are three basic formats (including the possibility of hybrid forms):

  • “Paper/comment”: Papers are circulated to the participants approximately one week before the session, which is introduced by a discussant’s summary and comments (up to 20 minutes). There is no additional summary by the paper-giver, who may, how-ever, briefly describe the context of the paper at the beginning of the meeting (no more than five minutes, no slides).
  • “Paper/presentation/comment”: Papers are circulated to the participants approxi-mately one week before the session. In the meeting itself, the author gives a short presentation on the paper (10-15 minutes), which is then followed by a comment of 10-15 minutes.
  • “Talks” may or may not be based on a paper distributed prior to the session. The ex-pected length is about 30 minutes, and there will be no discussant.


Papers should be sent to the coordinator, Martin Nonhoff (, who will make them available to the participants. As indicated above, presenters are asked to provide their papers at least one week in advance to give the discussants a realistic chance to read the paper thoroughly.