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At InIIS, we examine the dynamics of cooperation and conflict in world society. Our research is organized in research projects that fall into four thematic fields. Besides research on Institutions of Global Governance and on Conflicts in World Society project groups work, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, on questions related to Democracy and Justice at a Global Scale as well as on the Theory and Practice of the Political. Current projects are funded, among others, by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Volkswagen Foundation, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Bertelsmann Foundation.

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Transnational Welfare: The rise, decay and renaissance of social policy in Africa
Research Team: Alex Veit (Head of project); Klaus Schlichte (Head of project); Roy Karadag

A Year in Tweets
Research Team: Ulrich Franke

International Intervention against sexualised violence in conflict regions
Research Team: Alex Veit (Head of project); Lisa Tschörner

Fetishism and negativity in Rousseau's social and political theory
Research Team: Georgios Moraitis (Head of project)

The policy of Electoral Assistance
Research Team: Eva Johais

Figurationen des Politischen
Research Team: Christian Leonhardt (Head of project)

Transnationalization and the judicialization of welfare
Research Team: Susanne K. Schmidt (Head of project); Angelika Schenk; Benjamin Werner