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Transnational Welfare: The rise, decay and renaissance of social policy in Africa
Research Team: Alex Veit (Head of project); Klaus Schlichte (Head of project); Kressen Thyen; Roy Karadag

A Year in Tweets
Research Team: Ulrich Franke

International Intervention against sexualised violence in conflict regions
Research Team: Alex Veit (Head of project); Lisa Tschörner

Transnationalization and the judicialization of welfare
Research Team: Susanne K. Schmidt (Head of project); Angelika Schenk; Benjamin Werner

Figurationen des Politischen
Research Team: Christian Leonhardt (Head of project)

Enemy Images of Radical Movements and Confrontational Violence (completed)
Research Team: Matenia Sirseloudi (Head of project); Sybille Reinke de Buitrago

Toward the meaning of the death of German soldiers
Research Team: Ulrich Roos; Ulrich Franke

Research Team: Claus Leggewie (Head of project); Klaus Töpfer (Head of project); Patrizia Nanz (Head of project)