Ongoing Supervision (as first supervisor)

Fuhrmann, Maximilian
Die Wirkmächtigkeit des Extremismuskonzepts – eine politische Diskursanalyse

Held, Maximilian
(Mis)Understanding Tax – The Pluralist and Deliberative Politics of Redistributive Design

Hollendung, Anna
Politische Prekarität. Eine Neubestimmung des Prekären im Feld des Politischen

Leonhardt, Christian
Aktivistische Politische Theorie

Lucaci, Sergiu
Discursive Convergence as Crisis-Time Politics: The Case of Civil Society in the EU during the Financial Crisis

Monsees, Linda
Understanding Cybersecurity – The Role of Future Narratives in Understanding Current Security Practices

Stengel, Frank
Discursive Change and Foreign Policy: A Discourse Analysis of Germany’s Changing Stance on the International Use of Force

Tundermann, Simon
Dispositif Analysis, Political Economy, and the Innovative Forest. Theorising Discursive and Material Power in the European Bioeconomy